Teacher’s tax rebates

As an educational professional you are entitled to tax relief on certain work expenses every year. Thousands of teacher’s miss out every year because they do not know they can claim tax relief.

Teacher’s can claim tax back from any professional subscription fees, uniform, sportswear or equipment costs and mileage if you have had to do any travelling in your own car for school reasons.

Teacher’s can also clam back tax for working from home (e.g. marking/planning), and all teacher tax rebate claims can include the past four years – which can add up to a lot of money!

Why wait? It’s no refund no fee so you’ve nothing to lose!


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What tax refunds are teachers entitled to?


Teacher’s can claim tax back for:



It’s simple to make a tax rebate claim. Just fill out our form or call us on 0333 240 6122 and we will take care of everything for you. We can claim tax back for the past four years and work on a no refund, no fee basis – so you have nothing to lose.


Once you have made a successful teacher tax refund claim with HMRC your tax code will be changed so that you will not be taxed more than you should be in the future.

How much tax could I claim back?


Tax refund claims for teachers can amount to anything from £140 (four years worth of NUT subscription fees) to over £2,000.


As the law allows us to make a claim for the past four years, your first tax refund claim could be for a significant amount – imagine what you could do with that amount of money, which could legally be yours anyway.


Working as a teacher can be a challenging job as it is, without the tax man taking more off you than he is entitled to. To find out if you have a tax refund claim to make, get in touch with us now…

For more details apply online now or call: 0333 240 6122

Teacher’s union and membership fees and subscriptions

Any monthly or annual contributions you make to your union (NUY, NASUWT etc…) may be tax deductible – which means you can claim a part of those fees back as a tax refund.


There are thousands of such professional bodies in the UK that are eligible for tax relief, and for teachers they include:

  • NUT
  • ATL
  • NAHT
  • NPH
  • Voice
  • EIS
  • ASCL
  • UCU


HMRC have an approved list of all the professional organisations that are eligible for relief and the amount you could claim back will vary depending on the agreement HMRC has in place.


Also, you may be able to claim back the cost if you have previously paid fees to a General Teaching Council as tax can be claimed back on all UK General Teaching Council fees, including those that are now obsolete.

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Teacher’s uniform tax refund

If you are a PE teacher or, like many primary school teachers, you have to teach or supervise PE/sports lessons then you could claim back tax on any sportswear or equipment you have paid for.


A tax refund can also be claimed for the laundry costs of this and any other ‘specialist’ clothing or uniform you have to wear as part of your teaching role.


Uniforms for teachers could include high-vis vests,  ‘company branded uniforms’ e.g. a polo shirt and/or fleece displaying the name of the school.


As long as your school doesn’t provide on-site facilities to wash your uniform, you are entitled to claim a uniform washing allowance.

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Teacher’s mileage and other expenses

If you are required to travel in order to carry out your duties e.g. drive to other schools, then you may also be eligible to make a tax refund claim for business mileage. This does not apply for normal commuting to and from work, but if do drive between schools during school hours then you may be eligible.


Tax relief is also available for other school-based expenses you may incur, such as purchasing or repairing certain tools or classroom essentials.


To find out what you may be eligible to claim for, complete our quick form or call us today…


For more details apply online now or call: 0333 240 6122