Widening Access Training Scheme

We are aware of a number of members who believe they have paid too much tax and/or national insurance when carrying out full time training at colleges and universities, when they feel they should not have done, due to the ‘Widening Access Training Scheme’.

Since then we have had a number of members contact the union to either advise that they have been successful or that they have been unsuccessful. Sometimes members have reported that when their claim has been rejected they have been unsure why this was the case.

In response to members’ feedback, we are now providing updated information on this issue. It is important to note however that this is a complex issue and each individual acts on any information at their own risk and this should not be seen as financial advice.

Your options:

  1. You can read an article in August 2016 Community Practitioner which gives background and a number of case studies, alongside information from HMRC.


  1. The MoneySavingExpert.com website has provided a guide on the issue. If you wish to look at making a claim yourself, visit the page and read the information in full. (LINK: http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/reclaim/nhs-reclaim#rules)


  1. Your Tax Refund Ltd in association with Unite the Union can make a claim on your behalf. This option does have a cost of £50 +vat which would be taken from any subsequent refund.

Don’t forget! You can also claim your Tax Refund or Tax Returns online too! apply online here