It’s what we do…

More than one in three people within the PAYE scheme could be due a tax refund due to incorrect coding or allowable deductions not claimed.

We aim to make sure that our clients have not overpaid tax or under-claimed allowances. If they have we will recalculate their tax liability and deal with HMRC to reclaim their £££’s!

You will be aware that it is normal practice for your employer to deduct tax straight from your wages according to your tax code. You may not be aware that over 40% of employees have paid too much tax at some time in the last 4 tax years simply because their tax code was incorrect, or they had not claimed for all of the allowable deductions they were entitled to.

In order to establish whether you are entitled to a reclaim, we can review your individual circumstances and liaise with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

  • No refund = No fee!
  • No hidden charges
  • No refund too small!
  • Hassle free – We handle your claim from start to finish and give you a named advisor to call if you have any queries!

Simply complete our short questionnaire to see whether you could be entitled to a reclaim! If we accept your claim, we will handle the claim on your behalf!


If you can answer YES to any of the following questions, then you may be entitled to a reclaim! So take our short questionnaire and start the process today!

In the unlikely event that you have not paid enough tax, we will inform you. We strongly recommend that you notify HMRC without delay to bring your taxation affairs up-to-date. At your request, we can look into the underpayment further and liaise with HMRC on your behalf. Our normal fee structure will apply.

In the last 4 years have you…

  • Paid income tax?
  • Had more than one job?
  • Worked a ‘seasonal’ job?
  • Worked less than 25 hours on minimum wage?
  • Used your own car for business purposes?
  • Worked from home, some, or all of the time?
  • Provided your own tools for your job?
  • Laundered work wear provided by your employer?
  • Received more than one notice of coding within a tax year?
  • Paid subscriptions to a professional organisation?
  • Had a business  smartphone e.g. iPhone, Blackberry or Android?
  • Temporarily worked from a place which is not your contracted permanent place of work (i.e. contracted at Head Office but work from a site)?
  • Turned 65?
  • Worked for only part of the year?

If so, apply now and see how much you should be entitled to!